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Divide the spring mix between large plates and top with remaining lemon juice. Add the bao buns to the plates and serve with any remaining tempura sweet potato and peach kimchi.

PEACH KIMCHI. Chop ripe peaches and spring onions. When the lid eventually curves up, release the pressure and try your kimchi. Once it's sour, it's ready to enjoy and move to the fridge.

In Korea, kimchi made with western green cabbage is known as yangbaechu kimchi. I had some organic peaches in my chiller, so in they went into the kimchi as well.

It's peach season in Toronto, and I just made a new batch of kimchi the other day. 2: juicy peachy kimchi goodness.... *slurp*. Enjoy! This killed my expectations and I'll definitely be making it again.

@peachkimchi. 🍑Peach Kimchi🍑. A cold day like this, a warm bowl of pasta would be perfect. @peachkimchi. 🍑Peach Kimchi🍑. Part one - Perth trip Music has been removed because I don't...
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